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Why CurbAppeal?

Great photos have become essential to marketing a property but the tools to create photos haven't changed.... until now. With CurbAppeal, and the amazing camera in your iPhone, you can create great real estate photos with ease.

CurbAppeal makes it almost impossible to take a bad picture. The builtin HDR technology guarantees perfect lighting, even in challenging conditions. If any editing is required, the builtin tools are fast and easy. The organizer makes quick work of picking and arranging your best shots. Sizing every photo perfectly for your MLS or Airbnb listing is a one step process.

Better Lighting

fix lighting with a better camera fix lighting with a better camera

Instead of getting the lighting wrong inside and outside, CurbAppeal gets it right in both places.

Crop Editor

fix lighting with a better camera fix lighting with a better camera

Crop while maintaining the correct photo shape for your MLS or Airbnb listing.

Straighten Tool

fix lighting with a better camera fix lighting with a better camera

Straighten while maintaining the correct photo shape for your MLS or Airbnb listing.

Camera + Advanced HDR

Traditionally, taking indoor photos can be difficult, bright windows can lead to dark rooms, using a flash can make a great house look depressing. Professionals often employ a complex technique known as HDR to solve this problem. With Curb Appeal, multiple exposure HDR is as simple as taking a picture. (See the difference by moving the divider)

After Image Normal
Normal HDR

Curb Appeal merges the best parts of three different photos to create a single photo that shows what it’s really like in the room. As you shoot, you’ll get a quick preview of the merged photos, you can adjust the merge settings later if you like. There are additional tools in the camera that help you level your shots and align the camera with the room.


Dual Level

Unique bubble level glows when shots are both level and aligned.

Steady Shot

Delay your shot until the camera stops moving.

Sift and Sort

Once you’ve taken your photos, it’s time put them in the order you want them presented in. You can quickly drag to reorder shots. As you’re sorting, you can hide photos you aren’t sure about or delete photos that you don’t want.

View Sizes

Different View sizes for sorting and previewing



Take lots of photos, but pare down to the best with no commitments.

Photo Editing

Tap a photo to edit it. Quickly crop photos, adjust the lighting or add titles. All edits can be undone, your originals are safe.

Perfect Crop

Project-wide crop settings make sure you can't make some photos the wrong shape or size.


Easily fix common mistakes without re-shooting.


Deep Toolbox

Advanced tools are available with a finger swipe.

Reset Edits

All edits can be undone.



All the different places your photos have to go require different sizes and shapes and must be kept in order. Don't sweat the details. CurbAppeal will export the photos formatted for your MLS, Airbnb, website or originals (for print), just tap the right size and you're all set. Curb Appeal exports the photos you want and keeps them organized.

Folder/Album Names

Folders/Albums are named for the size of the files they contain.

File Names

Files are named so that they sort in the right order.


Save to dropbox to instantly have your files in the office or at your computer.

Curb Appeal lets you shoot, organize and edit for free, but requires an In App Purchase for Export functions.


See CurbAppeal in action.

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